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Get Into It

The author of this book (Erika) is sick of school. Which means she’s also sick of homework — but that doesn’t mean she’s not tired of learning things. In her experience, the best learning comes from interacting with other people, not some crappy worksheet at the end of a book chapter.

That’s why this forum exists. It’s your change to directly engage in conversations with not just the author, but the companies behind the case studies in the book. And perhaps more importantly, other business owners and entrepreneurs.

How to Get Into It

First — see that banner over to the right that says “Get Into It?” Clicky.

Then…you’ll have to login. Sorry – no anonymous comments allowed. You can even login using an existing social account! (Who the hell needs more passwords, anywhoo?)


Then, you’re in! You can type in your question, praise, problem, or idea (lots of options). The forum will then search to see if other people have posted related comments or questions.

You’ll then be taken to a page where you can clarify your question. Don’t forget to categorize your question using the checkboxes on the right side of the screen.