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How lame would I be if this website sucked?

Seriously. If you know anything about me, you know that I wouldn’t stay up until all hours of the night and outlay some cash for a website FOR A BOOK that’s designed to just sit there.

So — welcome to the official (whatever that means) launch of the website for The Power of Unpopular.

Kickass things about this website

I think it’s great if you want to click over to the press page and stare at pictures of me all day long. Frankly, that would bore me to tears — but to each their own. Instead, there are some pretty cool things about this website — and I built them for you.

The Interactive Forum — powered by GetSatisfaction

I hated homework when I was in school and my opinion on it hasn’t changed much. So, what that meant when I was writing this book is that I refused to give my readers “homework” with those silly little end-of-chapter worksheets that no one ever bothers to do.

I wanted the book to only be the beginning of the conversation on unpopular.

So I built a forum.

This is your place to talk to other readers, the businesses in the case studies, share ideas, offer praise…you can even ask me questions directly. Hop on over to the Get Into It page and see how easy it is to keep the conversation going — and thanks to the folks at GetSatisfaction (who just happen to be a case study in Chapter 2) for powering the forum.

Resources page

You might notice that this page of the website isn’t completely filled out. That’s because it belongs to YOU. I wrote a book — but you’re the ones who take my words and the experiences shared by the Case-In-Point companies and put them into practice.

Do you have a cool resource to add to this page? AWESOME. Use the contact form and drop me a line. I’ll have a look — and more importantly, be happy to post it (with full credit to YOU) for the other readers to enjoy and share.

And I’m always on the lookout for cool sheep videos. Just please don’t send me the Seth McFarlane cartoon with the sheep. Yes. I think it’s hilarious. It’s just not a “resource.” (ahem)

Check out the beginning of the Resources section.

Book Tour Deets

Want to know where the Power of Unpopular book tour is going? This is the place. The first dates are already posted.

Have a suggestion for where I should take the book tour? I want to hear from you! Visit the page and find out what it takes to bring me to you — as while I’d like to visit every damn one of ya, publishers don’t pay for book tours. I’m looking forward to getting out and meeting my readers, so let’s figure out how to make that happen!

Get the scoop on the book tour (oooh, sounds so fancy!).

Get a Signed Copy of the Book (gah — so vain!)

Right. This is an option because I did what very unpopular brands do — I listened to my audience. You can purchase a signed copy of the book and even tell me what to write. I’ll even draw a little hedgehog picture in it for you if you want. IMPORTANT: You wan’t see the place to enter your custom signing info until you arrive at the “Review Your Information” page. Then, look below the address and you’ll see “customize your book inscription.”

Get your Carly Simon on — visit the shop.

Try Your Sheep On — You Can STILL Download the Book Teaser!

Refer a friend to the inherent fabulosity of unpopular. But hey — I know the book won’t be for everyone. Why not try it before you buy it? Visit the home page and enter JUST your email address. I’ll zip you a link to download a PDF teaser of the book. No strings.  Unsubscribe from the list at any time. And we promise — no spam.

And Last but Not Least — Gratitude

There are some pretty incredible people and companies that made this book happen. Stop by and say hello — and you’ll be seeing much more from some of them very soon.

Click. Give thanks.


And that’s it for now. I’m glad you’re here — and thank you for reading. It’s going to be a kickass day.


  • Kevin Johansen

    OK…I’ll go first.   

    Erika’s thoughts, though sometimes spicy, are always worth digesting.  So take a couple of antacids and dig in.   You’ll be glad you did.    I was!  Am!   Etc!  

    • The Redhead

      And delighted to see you, Kevin. Lemme know if I need to supplement the antacid budget ;)

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  • Sam T @ The Coffice™

     Wow! This is exciting! Not only am I the second fan to post here, after some digging I was able to confirm that Erika’s book is available up here in Canadaland at and!

    We like it spicy up here, eh. It’s how we keep warm.

    • The Redhead

      GO TEAM CANADA! And thanks for stopping by today, Sam :) Great to see you. The good news is, the book cover is in your country’s national colors!

  • Kellie J. Walker

    Is it wrong that I am beyond excited to see that you’ll be in Atlanta on 4/24? 


    • The Redhead

      Not lame at all. I can’t wait to come back to Atlanta!

  • NikkiGroom

    Ummmmmmmmmmm Providence RI – hello!! Let’s hit the town! Woot.

  • NikkiGroom

    Oh wow, my subconscious seems to have totally stolen the “woot” from the comment below. Since when do I say “woot” anyhoo? Or anyhoo. ANYwayyyy – congrats. The website is lubbly (PS. did ya notice who designed my new site – did ya did ya? ;) Good ol’ Courtney.)